Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Nicole Hetherington
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October 10th, 2012 Say ‘I Do’ In thirty-eight states there are couples living together but, are not able to get married(NCLS). The legalization of same-sex marriage is currently held up to the states and what their personal view on the topic is(NCLS). The topic of same-sex marriage being declared legal or not is being determined by people in the states who may or may not know a member, or a couple, of the Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender (LGBT) community. Civil rights laws, the history of these laws and same-sex marriage, and today’s society all have an impact on the big debate of why same-sex marriage needs to be legalized in every state. In the United States people earning their civil rights has always been an issue. Jesse Jackson suggests as much when stating:
For so long we thought it was a sin for blacks to have freedom. We thought it was a sin for black and white men and women to interrelate. We’ve grown in our appreciation of the fact that we live in our faith, and our faith may live under the law. All citizens deserve constitutional protections. You know, you have a right not to agree with interracial marriage but no one should be denied rights under the law(Jackson).
Jacksons quote from above explains conflicts and debates that have occurred in our society and America’s history. That is exactly what the same-sex marriage debate is, just another debate of human rights. All of the past conflicts mentioned by Jackson have all been through the fight against society and all of society’s discrimination and people have had to fight against society for their human rights. Now, it is legal for a white man and a black woman to marry and, it is okay for a black man and a white man to