Same sex Equality facts Essay

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Same sex Equality.

Question- How has the view of homosexuality changed the years, and the gay rights movement?
Answer- The view of homosexuality has made a huge process.

> freedom to marry in some states
>adoption to orphans
>society is more accepting of the idea
>they are now seen as just humans

Tentative Thesis- The whole view of homosexuality and the gay rights movements has made a huge process throughout the years.

1.because; Now 36 states allow gay marriage.
-counter; throughout history of the human race, marriage has been known as the complete spiritual and bodily communion of one man and one woman. its a procreation that shouldn’t extend to same sex couples because they can’t produce children, traditional marriage is already threatened with the high divorce rates between 40%-50% and 40.7% of babies are born to unmarried mothers. Allowing same sex marriage could further undermine an institution that is essential to well- being of children and our society.
-this counter is wrong because; denying some people of the option to marry who they love like everyone else is discrimination and it leaves a second class of citizens. throughout history, we have joined together equality for racial minorities, women, people disabilities, and immigrants so legalizing same sex marriage is nothing different. Even if they can’t exactly physically make a baby there are other solutions like adoption.
2.because; Orphan children can now be adopted by any family, including homosexual couples.
-counter; allowing homosexual couples to adopt presents the children with an unnatural model an adult relationship that is not traditional or healthy, and its most likely to harm the children. As experience has shown, the absence of sexual complementarity in these marriages creates obstacles in the normal development of a kid who would be in places of care of a homosexual person. They would miss out completely on the experience of a mother and a father.
-this counter is wrong because; Supporting a child as a gay couple will not affect the child's quality in life. Survey shows children with homosexual parents are better when it comes to their physical health and social well-being than the children in general populations. Homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children because they need to have their rights as any other person. If they don’t have rights then there is no freedom, or no pursuit of happiness, according to the universal declaration of human rights, it violates our rights. Article 2 says “everyone is entitled to the same rights without discrimination of any kind.” If a man is able to impregnate a woman and rise his kids, why can’t he do it with his same sex partner?
3.because; like any other married couple, now homosexual couples have the benefits they couldn’t have a decade ago.
-counter; allowing gay couples to have benefits will further weaken the institution of marriage
-this counter is wrong because; gay marriages can bring financial gain to the state and local governments.
4.because; society has been more open with the idea of two women or two men being together.
-counter; homosexual people were treated like they were nothing, society treated homosexuality as a sickness that went against religion. Most laws to homosexuality concluded in death. The penalty for attempted sodomy was prison, whipping, banishment, or fines. People said being gay was a sin that will lead you