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This past week at the honor forum there were many things that one could have taken from the talks, or speeches, given; that honor is your name and you have a responsibility to that name and honor, that one needs to uphold their honor at all times, in all things, and in all places, that being obedient too the rules will help you, and that we need to carry the honor code of Southern Virginia University into all aspects of our lives. These are all things that one could take away from the forum. Laura Baker spoke of how we carry our honor with us all the time and about how our names, and that of our family, are affected when we do not keep our word, or our sense of honor. She also spoke of how we need to uphold our honor and integrity in every situation. What someone can do to integrate this into their life is to become more aware of what they are saying and promising. This will cause them to see if they are truly being honest in all of their dealings with their fellow men. Dylan Hall also spoke on this subject when he said that we needed to be more obedient to the honor code and our sense of honor. One needs to heighten their sense of responsibility and sense of obedience to the honor code. Now how do we go about applying the honor code to our everyday lives outside of SVU? This is something that someone who goes here has promised to do. They promised to uphold the code. Deidra Dryden helped us by giving us some pointers. She said that we need to internalize good things,