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Big Stick Policy;
“Walk softly and carry a _______”
Great White Fleet­

Expansionism­ “Taking over unclaimed territory”

Spanish American War
Yellow Press­ Extravagant headlines

Yellow fever, Panama Canal­ Disease contracted by worked while building the _____ Canal

Entangling alliances,
English passenger ship sunk by Germans

Home front, war bonds­ Finances military operations in times of war

Group of ships traveling together accompanied by troops
New technologies in WWI­

African Americans in WWI­ These people were often given second hand equipment, weapons, etc.

Fourteen Points­ Written by President Wilson, all but one were denied Propaganda­ Advertisements, trying to get people to join the military

Red scare­ the fear of the rise of communism

Dawes Plan,
Plan after WWI to collect war reparation debt from
Jazz age, term coined by F. Scott Fitzgerald and was a feature of the
Tariffs, tax on imports and exports;
characterized by the absence of social classes, money and the state.

Economic boom:
Bull Market­
AKA ____ Market

Efforts to avoid war,
Neutrality acts­ Made during WWI to make America stay out of European conflict ∙
Fundamentalist movement,
Harlem Renaissance­ This movement also included the new African
American cultural expressions.

NAACP­ Nation’s oldest civil rights organization

Garvey, Washington & DuBois­ 3 men that developed competing visions for African Americans

Ku Klux Klan­ “The Klan”

Great Migration­ When African Americans moved to Northern U.S. from the South

Installment plans­ When people bought stuff with money they didn’t have ∙
Discharging soldiers from “combat­ready” status

Anaconda Plan­
Scott's Great Snake is the name widely applied to an outline strategy for subduing the seceding states in the American Civil War.

Kansas­Nebraska Act­
It allowed people in the territories of _____ and ______ to decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery within their borders. This is the ______ act. Emancipation Proclamation­