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The setting for "A Streetcar Named Desire" is a corner building with faded white stairs, in what is considered the poor section on New Orleans. Elysian Fields is located between the train tracks and the river. The sound of piano music fills the air from around the corner.
We are introduced to Eunice and her husband Steve, who live in the upstairs flat, as well as Stella and her husband Stanley who live below. The scene begins with a colored woman and
Eunice relaxing on the front steps as Stella's husband and a friend arrive and shout up to Stella.
When Stella arrives on the front landing they toss a package of meat up to her and discuss that they are headed bowling. Stella follows them to watch.
Shortly after Stella leaves a woman who looks very out of place, and is later introduced as Stella's sister Blanche arrives on the corner. She is looking for the address of 62 Elysian
Fields. When Eunice informs her she has the correct address, she lets Blanche into Stella's home while the colored woman runs to get Stella.
Blanche and Eunice have a brief discussion while Blanche "eyeballs" her sisters living arrangement. Blanches background of being a teacher and having a family estate "Belle Reve" is revieled. When tired of answering questions, Blanche asks to be left alone. While waiting for her sister to arrive, she finds some whisky and drinks some. She quickly tries to hide the fact that she has done so.
As Stella returns, they begin talking while Blanche