Scholarship Essay For College

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Austin Runkle
To the members of the Scholarship Committee,
I feel the need to request any available scholarships to assist me in furthering my education. I live with only my mother who has helped to put my three older sisters through college. She did the best she could to help out financially, however, they still needed to take out significant loans. I know my mother feels obligated to help me with my college expenses even though she is running our home on her own. Any scholarships that I would receive would not only be of a great assistance to me, but also to my mother knowing that I can work hard to achieve my dream without having to worry about having enough money to ensure my being able to continue my education.
I feel that I have been an asset to Reading High School for these past four years. I have participated in swimming and water polo all four years. I have been a member of the Arxalma staff since 10th grade and the Editor in Chief my junior and senior years. This will be my third year participating in the school show. I have also participated in Knight Life since my sophomore year when I became a student at RHS.
My mother has always encouraged me to become involved in activities and to make the best out of every experience. This is what I plan on doing as I leave Reading High for the next chapter in my life. As I make this commitment to my next home, which is most likely Penn State University, I plan to be as active as possible and as