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School Violence Analysis at School Characteristics Level
By Tao Xu1
Tennessee State University
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This paper uses statistical test to analyze the difference between the type of incidents leads to death and school characteristics. Meanwhile, it also used statistical test to analyze the difference between the rate per 1000 students of theft incident and the type of college. The results confirmed that no difference between the type of incident and the school characteristics because of no significance and public college had less theft incidents than private college. Specifically the mean of rate per 1000 students of theft incidents happened on public college is 5.764, and the mean of it in private college is 9.876. The paper pointed out the main direction of solving school violence in the future. Besides, the paper provide some suggestions to schools and education institutions about how to decrease the number of incidents.

Keywords: school violence; type of incident; school characteristics

Last years the problem of school violence had become the object rapt attention. School crime is a serious problem in modern society. Studying and dealing can have positive influence on all spheres of social life. There are several reasons of this increasing interest to the problem. The main reason of the necessity of the detailed study of the problem is the growing rate of school violence. The changing definition of the school violence has also become the subject of concern. If only several decades ago chewing gun could have been considered school violence, nowadays, bringing a gun to school is an usual thing. School, which aim to teach children not only basic knowledge on different subjects but also give them moral and ethical values and behavioral patterns, become the place where children meet violence and crime. Nowadays school authorities have to deal with such serious problems as sexual assault, rape, drug and alcohol use, verbal threat and abuse, suicide, gun possession, assault with a gun or a knife and others.
This tests the relationship between the school characteristics and the type of incidents, and if there is a difference between the rate per 1000 students of theft and types of college. In this way, it will help students who will graduate from high school to decide which type of colleges they want to apply. There are two datasets. Dataset 1 is about the School-Related Violent Deaths;Dataset 2 is about the crime on campus of Tennessee Institutions of Higher Education. This paper test the hypothesis of dataset 1 that the type of incidents is different from school characteristics. Meanwhile, this paper also test the hypothesis of dataset 2 that the rate of theft in public colleges is not the same as it in private colleges.
Materials and Methods
A secondary data was used from National School Safety and Security Service for dataset 1, and A Statistical Summary of Crime Reported on The Campus of All Tennessee Institution of Higher Education for dataset 2. The variables used in this study were ID, age of perpetrators, age of victims, gender of perpetrators, gender of victims, type of incidents which included gun-related, suicide, shooting by police officer, fight-related, stabbed, and others, the location where the incidents happened included school parking lot, school hallway, in schooling building, around school, school campus and on school bus, and the school characteristics which included high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. For dataset 2, the variables were college name, rate per 1000 students of assault, rate per 1000 students of theft, rate per 1000 students of vandalism, and the type of college which included public colleges and private colleges.
About the statistical test, firstly, a Cohen’s power analysis was used to determine the sample size. Base on the previous study of Cohen 1992