School Should Start Later Essay

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Do you think schools should open later in the day? Some argue that beginning school at an earlier time would be beneficial but I don’t think this is the case. Kids will still stay up since they know they don’t have to be at school until 9:30, most parents can’t get their kids to school when it starts later, and you have less time for activities after school when you get out. I think changing the school time is a bad idea and should not happen. Even if we change the time that school starts kids will still stay up later. The reason being is they’ll think they have more time before school starts. Taking more time to do what they usually do before school. For example, when I have to do homework I stay up until its done or I study for a test until I’m too tired to stay awake. When you wake up earlier in the day you get more done throughout the day. There are cons for every pro and one of them might be when you start the day sooner you go to bed earlier. This can really affect your schedule for what you eat. Most kids eat breakfast at school for free or pay but if the school started later wouldn’t it affect the food they serve? We would be getting out at dinner time. Where would we have dinner at? This is just one reason why we shouldn’t change the school schedule. This can change how most kids get to school …show more content…
This could affect the sports, activities, and clubs after school. If we were to have games it would be later before the kids would get home. This could delay the amount of homework they might get done. Which could make their grades start to drop. We would also have less time to practice for after school activates. Most kids are relying on sports or clubs to get them into college this could affect how good they are and their chances of getting into a college. By changing the school schedule, it might make their after school activities and their work ethic