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Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28th, 1856, in Virginia. His father, Joseph Wilson, was a Presbyterian minister, so “Tommy” was raised in the church. His mother, Janet Woodrow, was born in England, making Wilson one of the only U.S. Presidents to have a parent born in a different country. He was originally from Virginia, but moved around because his father was a pastor in many different states. Wilson graduated from Princeton University, where he was later voted as president of the school. He resigned once he was offered the job as governor of New Jersey in 1910. He decided to drop his first name because it sounded more “dignified”, and he then became Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow was married to Ellen Axson, and had three daughters with her before she died. He later remarried to a woman named Edith Galt. Shortly after, Governor Wilson was nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate in 1912. Wilson won the election by a landslide and became the 28th president of the United States.

Wilson’s first term was crazy. With Vice President Thomas Marshall at his side, he was able to set up an income tax, which helped balance out some lost money, and introduced a new tariff, which helped as well. He even passed laws to stop child labor, give government loans to farmers, and regulated trade going overseas. But then World War I started. From the beginning, America was neutral. Through all of the German attacks, including the sinking of the Lusitania, the U.S. stayed out of the war. This was what helped Wilson get re-elected in 1916. After starting his second term, Wilson tried to end the war and make peace. Germany responded by shooting at us. The Zimmermann note was one of the final factors that pushed the U.S. into the war on April 2, 1917. Wilson turned out to be a pretty good “war president”, and throughout the entire war, Wilson promised an idea of his called