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Final Review – History 1051

World War II Roosevelt’s foreign Policy Good Neighbor Policy Recognition of Soviet Union Isolationism Causes of War Madman Theory Isolation Theory World Wide Depression Lack of International Agency (No U.N. U.S not in League of Nations) Imperialism Support for Hitler and Mussolini Germany’s Revenge The Atomic Bomb Why we dropped it. Opening “Pandora’s Box”
Eisenhower – War Hero but warned of the Military Industrial Complex
Significant economic growth during the 1950s
Cult of Domesticity
White Flight
McCarthyism and the politics of Hate – The Cold War
Affluence and Anxiety
John F. Kennedy
Defeat of Nixon and the emergence of New Frontier Idealism
Cuba – Bay of Pigs and the Missile Crisis – Change of Heart on policy
Vietnam – Early buildup – Advisors – He also understood guerilla war
Assassination and the myth of Camelot

Lyndon Johnson
Politician v. Statesman
Social Programs - '64 Tax Cuts Mass Transit funding War against Poverty Civil Rights Act
Social Programs –‘65 Medicare/Medicaid Education Act Manpower Training Housing Act War on Poverty – increased
Immigration Act
Voting Rights Act
Warren Court
Engle Vitale 62 – Prayer in School
Miranda ’66 - Must Read Rights
Griswold ’65 Birth Control
Roe v. Wade ’73 Reproductive Freedom

French Heritage since 1850
Japanese occupation WWII
U.S. Rejects Ho Chi Minh
Dien Bien Phu – French out – ’54 / Vietnam is partitioned
Rise of VC
1963 – Turning Point: Buddhist Crisis/ Two Assassinations Diem and Kennedy
Build-up: Gulf of Tonkin Incident and Resolution
Two Wars: Bombing of the North – Ground War in the South
1968 TET Offensive Beginning of the End of War – Turning point
Rise of New Conservatism: Fiscal, Social and Religious
Jimmy Carter: Post Vietnam President
Six Crises that Brought Down Carter: Camp David Accords Panama Canal Sandinistas Iran Hostage Crisis Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan Stagflation (High unemployment coupled with Inflation)
Ronald Reagan – Supply Side Economics – Tax Cuts and cuts of Social Programs
Military Buildup Star Wars (SDI)
Growing National Debt (tripled during 1980s)
Collapse of Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev Perestroika (restructuring) and Glasnost (Openness)
George Bush – Desert Storm Quick Victory Fall from Grace: Didn’t Invade Iraq, Economy Plunged, Scandals – Iran/Contra,