Ten Little Indian

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04 March 2013
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Every country has its native people, its own tribes and reservations. Most of them are marginalized and treated as inferior to others; however, we are all human beings with blood through the veins, dreams, hopes and feelings. In the Ten Little Indian by Sherman Alexie can find a series of stories that allow us to know more about their culture, ideas and thoughts of the Indians, who in spite of being of the same origin or tribe, have different ways of living and seeing life. All humans have similarities that make us unique in our own species, but we also have differences that distinguish us and make us develop our own personality, essence and temperament. For Corliss and the woman there are a number of contrasts which distinguish one from the other, and what it means to be an Indian. Corliss is a girl of 19 who is not married and has no children. Her family is her parents and uncles with who carries a good family communication and relationships and they are awaiting her; on the other hand, the woman is 50 years old, husband and two teenagers’ son with whom they have not a good relationship, because they hate each other. Corliss is a student at Washington State University. She loves to read books and poems since she was very small. Corliss always looked for ways to get their books and prepare for further learning, as collected aluminum cans to pay for school, while the woman works at a law firm called Ruffato, Runnette & Kurth, and although she knows is a good opportunity she is clueless and does not yield her 100%. Corliss is a smart girl, passionate and committed to what she does. She feels love and passion for books, which is why when the librarian said that the book The Reservation of My Mind never been removed for anyone and had several more that were in the same condition Corliss said, "What happens That to the world When many books go unread? And what happens to the authors of those unread books? "(Alexie 8) because for her to read a book is a pleasure, cannot understand how some people are not given importance and leaves, as a mother leaves a child; feels consternation by those authors that their books are unread, but have been forgotten. Corliss is a person who is not ashamed of his roots; on the contrary, is proud of who she is and where she comes from, and that when she learned that Harlan Atwater author of The Reservation of My Mind is an Indian, aroused her curiosity to know who this man is and where is he. Of women cannot say the same, as unlike Corliss, she shows no feeling for her Indian roots; and on the other hand, is a woman who just does things out of obligation, is distracted and incompetent in their work, not fulfilling her responsibilities and who is always late and so far has four official reprimands. Corliss is sensitive, positive and especially honest. She says the things straight, as when she told Harlan Atwater:” I came here because I thought you were something special. I read your poems, and some of them are really bad, but some of them are really good, and maybe I can’t always tell the