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Imagine sitting in the back of the classroom barely able to hear the music and moving side to side trying to catch a glimpse of the board that is blocked by the sizable student who sits in front of you. I think I should be allowed to switch seats in music class. I would be front and center, I would be less distracted and I would still be a good student.

First of all by moving seats I would be at the head of the classroom. As a result I will be able to see the board more clearly because there would be no one sitting in front of me. Sense it is music class we do listen to a lot of music, and by moving to the front I would be closer to the speaker, and in turn I would be able to hear the music better. Not only do I think that being in the front would benefit me according to studies conducted by the NACTA or North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture, students who sit in the front of the class do better in school. Some A-C teachers agree. “I think that kids do better when they sit upfront,” says Mr.Yeany one of the Middle-School science teachers. Other students may not benefit from sitting up front but I definitely would.
Additionally I would be able to pay more attention. All the posters to look at would be behind me if I switched seats. Furthermore most of the room would also be behind me I would not be able to look at the piano or other exciting things. Where I am currently sitting the people near me constantly converse with each other about irrelevant to music topics. By interchanging seats I would be away from the chitchat and able to pay closer attention. I would be able to apply myself better without the distractions I now face in my current seat.

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