Sonic Bloom Essay

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Taylor White
Sonic Bloom 2013

Sonic Bloom is a beautiful extravagant festival in a tiny mountain town near Glen-Woods Spring in Colorado. People from many areas of Colorado drive hours and hours to come to this beautiful festival. People from out of state take days to travel just to come together to enjoy three days. Everyone is here for one specific thing, which is the love for music. Music is something that people can understand and use to connect with one another. That’s honestly what festivals and concerts are all about. Why are festivals so important to many of us? Festivals are important to us because it gives many of us balance and serenity. It’s where we find passion. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or how old you are; we’re all here for the experience.
When visualizing this extravagant festival, I picture graceful elegant ladies, prancing in their beautiful belly dancing clothes that sparkle when they move every part of their bodies that seem to be so perfect and youthful. One beautiful hippie had this long-waisted skirt that would fall gracefully on the ground as she swayed her hips to the rhythm of the music. There was this beautiful turf grass over by the blue shining pond where several people were hula hooping perfectly to the rhythm, making it look so easy. In the corner by the beautiful green trees, there were multiple people doing yoga.
The balance of the yoga was so delightful to watch, making me want to join and learn a few yoga skills.
When I took my shoes off, I decided to walk along the green patch of grass in front of the main stage. I thought to myself, “Will people think I’m weird if I walk around with no shoes on?” Deciding to dive in and give a chance of trying something new, I slipped my sandals off and pranced around the grass. Feeling the grass between my feet was making them feel soft, warm, and comforting for the rest of my body. I felt so much more relaxed than I have in a while. I just let everything that was concerning me just drift far, far, away. The grass was so pure, becoming alive and filled with amazing vibes. People were dancing and prancing tribal-like to the joyful sounds of music we all loved. I saw the beautiful lights beaming and misting above the sparkling stars at night, making the night feel so warm and awakening. The wind was absolutely perfect, giving me a slight breeze across my rosy cheeks, keeping me at the perfect temperature throughout the nighttime.
During the daytime, we would all bbq and the smell surrounding me was like a campfire of burgers and hot dogs. It was filled with delicious smells that made me feel hungry. I could hear the burner crackling the food, making the hot dogs and burgers sizzle on the grill. When eating my burger, it tasted incredibly greasy like the food I would order at a fast food restaurant back at home. After eating my burger the after taste had mustard,