Servant Leadership In Health Care

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“Servant leadership begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead.” Robert Greenleaf

As a pharmacist, I strongly believe that “Servant Leadership” can improve the overall effectiveness of any healthcare system. Each healthcare providers are a special and expert in their specialty. Therefore, it requires a servant leadership to understand the healthcare facility mission and statement, to listen and empathy his staffs, support the growth of individuals, to gain his staffs trust, and to persuade them to follow his/her vision.

I try my best to practice some components of servant leadership every day. During my residency training at UK HealthCare hospital, I work on a research project with multiple students. This project was challenging and requires lots of efforts from each member with many urgent deadlines. However, I was motivated to lead this project because I could see a potential of manuscript in this research.
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I openly acknowledged that this research project had multiple difficulties, and asked for my students’ help. The students were first silent and unsure if they could contribute to this project. I acknowledged them as holistic individuals, and encouraged them. I met with each individual student to listen and learn their strengths and weaknesses. I was consistently positive and supportive with each student. After learning their areas of interests, and thoughts on where they could best serve the project, I propose the plan to our group. This process motivated the students because they had a power in decision making of the project. As a result, everyone could contribute their skill sets and knowledge in our research