Ship of Dreams Essay

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Baher Wahba
Dr. Robert C. Schachel
ENC 0025—Class A
17 February 2014
Ship of Dreams Movies have been catching people’s attention. Currently movies are improving and getting a lot of popularity. For instance the technology and special effects are getting more magnificent. A lot of genres have appeared, as a matter fact Titanic is the best movie ever made categorized in romance/tragic genre. Romance is a genre which has been going on since the 1890s; however, silent films were the starting point then improved to black and white which involved two characters falling in love. Titanic is a remarkable movie because it is filled with excitement and romance. This movie was well written and acted as well. The main characters in this great movie are Jack Dawson, was played by Leonardo Dicaprio and Rose Dewitt Bukater which was played by Kate Winslet. Titanic is the best movie because it is filled with excitement, romance and special effects. Titanic tells the tale of a ship that sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. The titanic was supposedly unsinkable, yet when it hits an iceberg and tragically sank. Two remarkable characters in this movie were a poor man named Jack, who won his ticket in a card game, and a rich woman named Rose, who came to America to get married after her father died and left them penniless. Jack and Rose met and fell in love. They had to be careful not to show it, because the rich and the poor were not allowed to mingle during this time. Titanic was directed by one of the best directors, James Cameron. It is amazing how well the director combines an actual historical event with a tragic love story that audiences would love. The special effects take a person’s breath away. The director had to simulate a colossal ship sinking into the Atlantic Ocean, and the sinking seemed so realistic.
Furthermore Titanic is known for its special effect. Special effects have the ability to make a movie more interesting and realistic. Once impossible to realistically convey, the use of special effects makes it possible. For instance, many of the visual effects were produced by Digital Domain, and they used both CG and miniature models to depict the ship. Miniatures were used for underwater shots of the ship, and CG version was used for the ship extensions. An interesting fact is that the Digital Domain created thousands of passengers, paintings on the ship, smoke, and some water elements. However, Most of the shots…