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ENGL 1151
Short Paper #1
(From the syllabus)
Short Papers: You will write 4 short papers (2 pages each, 1½ spaced) that are designed to help
you hone basic and practical reading, explication, and analytical skills. I will provide a prompt
related to the readings and class discussion. These papers can be interpretive in nature. They will
also be graded on your adequate preparation (or lack thereof) of the readings.
The paper should demonstrate your ability: (1) to focus on a topic and choose an argument
(thesis) that you can justify as being significant; (2) to integrate your own ideas, (critical
conversation) about the text; (3) to support arguments adequately and to organize them in logical
and convincing ways; (4) to master basic mechanics of writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation,
etc.). You are to convince me that you have gained a thorough understanding of the course texts
& lectures while considering applicable historical, political, religious or historical contexts.
Choose one of the following prompts to guide your essay. Be sure to focus on the chosen
prompt, be coherent in the organization of your ideas, INCLUDE TEXT-BASED evidence to
support your essay and to illustrate your ideas, but do not overwhelm me with plot or summary.
Be sure to give your essay a strong title reflecting the thesis of the essay. Turn in a hard copy in
class, and upload a copy to BB: (last name_First Name_Essay1.doc)]
1. Choose a particular idea, such as:…