The Red Door Essay

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In the short story "The Red Dog" the author Howard Maier questions whether his decision to leave his dog Spook with his last owner was a right decision. One group of people thinks the author's decision is wrong. However there is another group of audiences that strongly approve of this decision. One group of people thinks Howard Maier's decision might be right because the dog experiences a range of humanlike emotions when dog changes surroundings. Spook maybe depressed , being unmotivated to play and may sleep at unusual times and may show a lack of attention to his surroundings. Also, Spook may experience anxiety when moving house to house. Anxious dog often whine and bark out of fear or frustration, Spook may pace and search unsuccessfully for his old home and be dismay. Spook may hide or cover in fear until he become accommodate his new surroundings. Spook also may become aggressive when approach. Physical symptoms of stress are common in many dogs. Digestive upset and a lack of interest in food, for instance , are common in dogs under stress. Spook may shake or shiver out of fear on anxiety and may even drool excessively until he feel comfortable in his surroundings. Spook will have no freedom in a city apartment , as a hunting dog, without freedom and grass , what is the significance for Spook? Another group of people think Howard Maier might be wrong for leaving Spook in the helmet. Memories and habits that people or animals develop early in their life are the most powerful, As can be seen from the text Spook still remembering and loving Howard Maier, Spook want to go with the author to the city. Also according to the short