Short Story and Revenge Essay

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Revenge is like sweet medicine – good for healing. The quote “No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place” is all about planning revenge to feel more satisfied. This quote from Meir Kahane can relate to real life situations, literature, and movies. On a Tuesday night I told my mom I was going to a friend’s house to hangout with a couple of friends and watch movies. Later on that night we snuck out the house to hangout with another group of friends which my mom specifically not to hangout with. But I actually thought I would get away with it because my plans usually work. After a couple of hours on our way back home to one of our friend’s house my mom drove by and saw me walking with a group of people that I was told not to hangout with. Already thinking of my punishment I would of never thought of getting caught this way. The quote “No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place” is a way to explain what happened to me because in this case karma has gotten revenge on me. In the short story “The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson can relate to the quote addressed by Meir Kahane because revenge is the main purpose of this story. “The Possibility of Evil” starts with a good impression of an old lady, Ms. Strangeworth. She happens to be one of the oldest people living in “her” town. Ms. Strangeworth is what you call conceited because her ancestors “discovered” the little town she lives in. Everyone looks at her as an innocent, nosey old lady who cares for others. But the climax of the story changes everything because Ms. Strangeworth has been the one writing