Short Story: He's Still Alive?

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He’s still alive!

On a nice shiny day, my cell phone was ringing and the clock indicated to 9 A.M., I answered a call and the caller was my cousin, He wanted to go to Al-Kouber. I took a shower and got ready to start our journey.

While we were on the Dhahran-Jubail Highway and the road was almost empty. Some guy in a Camaro car was driving too fast. In a moment, it hit a truck and Overturn 3 – 4 times and another car hit it. Unfortunately, I can't remember what kind of cars it was, The Camaro car stopped when it hit the cement barrier. I stopped my car and parked it within the yellow line and went with my cousin quickly to help the guy in the Camaro car, all what I saw was blood in everywhere even on the cars’ windows. I called the police and ambulance.

In that time, I tried to open the car’s door and a lot of people came to try to help me, but unfortunately we couldn’t. So we were waiting for an ambulance and while we were waiting, the police reached the location of accident and also the police waited with us. So we were waiting until the ambulance came and opened the door with special tools and while they took him out of the car, I saw his body and I said “Oh My God”, some of his teeth were broken, his head was open and I think I saw his brain but I’m not sure about that, his clothes were red and his knee and his hand were broken also. He was totally in a mess. And I’m not sure if he still alive or not but the medic put something on the guy’s