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The Origin of Good and Evil
By Justine Kiss
It all started before time with a single god and goddess, one born from light and one born from darkness. Their names were Theia and Erebos. Theia the goddess of all things pure ruled over life and happiness. Erebos the god of all things evil, ruled over darkness and fear. Both despised each other’s presence, so they remained in their two separate realms.
Boredom got the best of them and they become tired and impatient with time passing. This unbearable boredom caused them to create their own separate beings. Theia creating her beings from light and Erebos creating his from darkness. Their creations along with themselves had a hatred for the other realm and refused to coexist. Both creations destroyed each other until none left remained. Theia and Erebos continued to create separate beings, but the creations killed each other just as quickly as they were created. This kept happening until many stages of creations later when the god and goddess realized their creations could not overpower one another. Theia and Erebos agreed to have a meeting to decide to either continue this cycle of endless death or to come to a truce and work together.

During this meeting, something extraordinary happened. Theia’s light and Erebos’s darkness came together and mixed into one enormous mass. From this mass of light and darkness the universe came into existence.
The planets became offspring of light and dark and would continue to rotate in orbit as long as light and dark swirled together. During this creation of the universe Erebus saw an opportunity to make all the space around the planets darkness. Before Erebus made everything dark; Theia was able to fill a few surrounding places with light which be later known as the sun and the stars.
They decided to continue creating separate beings to be together and live on one planet, but just like before, the creations hated each other because they were too different and lacked what each other had. Theia and
Erebus watched in displeasure as their creations destroyed one other. There was constant war as the creations, both good and evil fought for superiority.
Theia’s creations were pure and glowed