Short Story: Taught In High School

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Violet eyes stared blearily at Oobleck as he zipped around the room, making good use of the last five minutes of class to answer, in great detail, any questions the students had.
His mouth was moving a million miles a minute, his eyes lighting up as he went on, obviously caring about each and every question from each and every student.
Yang wasn’t taking in any of it. Her head was pounding, and watching the professor was starting to make her feel like puking.
She’d been this way for a few days, nauseous, tired, and generally feeling like shit. Today was the worst it's been, and she wanted nothing more than to get to the dorm, crawl into bed, and sleep.

She’d been hiding it from the others as well as she could; she was the strong one, the one
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“Tired.” Her stomach started churning, and she squeezed her eyes shut. She heard the door opening, the sound of movement from beside her, and Weiss complaining.

She bent over, unable to help it as she vomited… into the waiting trashcan, as strong hands grabbed her hair, holding it for her.

She heaved and heaved, her entire body feeling the pain as everything she’d eaten for days came back up.

When she was finally done, she raised her head and opened her eyes.

Ruby was staring at her, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open, concern clear in her eyes.

Weiss had run into the room at the first heave, her own weak stomach causing her issues just from the sounds.

Still, once it became clear she wasn’t going to vomit and Yang had stopped, she returned with a few bottles of water, pushing one into her hand.

She took a swig, then spat it into the garbage, getting the taste of bile out of her mouth. She raised the bottle again, drinking greedily. She really did feel a bit better after emptying her stomach, oddly enough.

She felt the hands tentatively release her hair, then one arm was gently wrapped around her waist, the other patting her on the