Should Americans Rely More on Arranged Marriages Essay

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The divorce rate in America is above 40%, what are we doing wrong? Maybe if we rely more on arrange marriages like other cultures do, and then maybe we would not have such high divorce rate. That would be great right? Yes it will look great on the country however I am sticking to typical American marriages. I prefer finding my “soul mate” on my own and learning from mistakes. First the U.s was built with freedom in mind so in doing this you’re taking freedom away. Nevertheless arranged marriages last so long only because it is wrong to leave the person who your parents choose for you; third and last arranged marriages have a lot of interference from family. To begin with the U.S is the land of the free home of the brave, the statue of LIBERTY. All these signs of freedom, if the U.S people started to rely more on arranged marriages it will be like taking that great freedom away from young adults and in most cases teenagers. Now think about this you are only 17, or 18 and your parents already have who they want you to spend the rest of your life with. This is not good in the U.S we make freedom choices that means the ability to make your own decisions. Further more the only reason why the divorce rate is low in countries that rely more on arranged marriages is only because Religion and culture. Why? First religion a lot of these arranged marriages never have a divorce is because religion, because it might be wrong to leave the person and you might get looked down on by people of your same religion. Culture, generations and generations of arranged marriages a lot of these young adults grow up on that and that is all they know and that wont bother them. Because their grandfather and grandmother had arranged marriage so did their mom and dad and so will they, is like a style of life. Take them away from that state of mind and introduce them to typical American marriages and for sure that person will have second thoughts about arranged marriages. In addition with arranged marriages you have a lot of interference from family and this is bad. Not only do they pick the person sometimes a nut that you are going to be with the rest of your life but on top of that they start telling you how to run your