Should Minimum Wage Be Raised Essay

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According to Americans and others across the world, America is the land of opportunity, but one issue is changing the American dream from aspiring to be the very best, to getting by with the littlest work. The big problem that the United States is facing, is the issue of increasing minimum wage. People throughout America have been fighting for higher wages, but they do not know what would actually happen if the minimum wage was made higher.

One of the major issues that would occur if the minimum wage was raised, is thousands of small businesses, and a handful of giant businesses, suffering and and eventually going out of business, which would result in losses of thousands of jobs. According to a Gallup Poll, 60% of small business owners say that raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars would force their business to close. This brings up many issues with small businesses and bigger ones
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Older people would not see a need to go onto other jobs and would work at the minimum wage job their whole life because they have no need to try harder in life. People wouldn't have to work as hard in life to make a living, which would destroy Americas economy in the process. People would not be motivated to work harder and graduate college because their minimum wage paying job is sufficient. One of the main reasons minimum wage jobs exist is to introduce younger people into the work force. The Bureau of Statistics show that while workers under 25 make up only about 20% of those who earn hourly wages, they constitute about half of people earning minimum wage right now. Young men and women won't be able to get a job that easily, because people who have been working at minimum wage jobs their whole life are taking their jobs. Our workforce would become less