Should School Start Later

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How would you like to start school later? Actually have enough time to sleep? Don’t have to worry about staying up till twelve am then waking up at 7am? That's what school around the world are considering. In “Should School Start Later” by Justine O’Neill, “Teachers Overwhelming Oppose Later High School Start Times in Montgomery” by Julie Zauzmer, “Why Should School Start Later in the Morning” by CDC, and “School Start Times and Sleep” by National Sleep Foundation all discuss the issue of school start times. The debate of schools starting later is still going on, and this topic has been debated by many. Now some are considering it, some have already done it; but have they made the right decision? Although there are difficulties to starting school later, if schools do it, teens would get the correct amount of sleep, improve their test scores, and make kids healthier. …show more content…
Student all around the world aren't getting enough sleep. Trying to fit in school activity and homework gets tough and there's just not enough time for sleep. “Nearly 70 percent of teens aren’t getting enough sleep” (O’Neill-pg20). This quote from scope is saying that more than half of student today aren’t getting the correct amount of sleep. Adding to that it’s important to get the recommended at least eight hours of sleep. But with all the homework students aren’t getting the amount of sleep they need. “Getting enough sleep is important for students(CDC). This explains that sleep is important and kids need to get some. In conclusion, if school times start later student will be able to get enough