Should there be a Legal Curfew for People Under 18? Essay

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aaliyah W
Mr. West
5 October 2012

I believe that all parents should be strict with their children.
One reason I believe kids should have a curfew is because people being out after curfew can go to jail for curfew if their outside past curfew or if your with an adult. Curfew is early now because of what’s been happening. It’s a lot of thing happening now days. People getting killed for no reason. As always being in the place at the wrong time, timing is everything. Being a good parent keeps the child safe. By setting rules for your children keeps them safe. A person that their friends with that have no rules makes them break their rules or curfew and puts them at risk but you as a parent if you stress the rules and be hard on your child hopefully they will listen and not let anyone encourage them to disobey what their parents say. But if you are a parent that does not have any control or discipline over your child they will fall into the wrong path and lead to destruction. Parents should have more responsibility over their child because they can see what the child can’t see, for example hanging out with the wrong crowd. A child might think that its ok but that crowd is leading them in the wrong direction. I experienced that because I was hanging with a group of girls and I got in trouble at school and got suspended. It’s not a good thing to hang with the wrong group of people. You should always choose the people you hang with wisely. I know a boy who was out with a group of people after a party and it was past curfew and someone rode past and shot him and he died. That’s why parents should be stricter and have their kids in before curfew. If his parents would have been stricter and he probably wouldn’t of got shot. He was a very innocent person who was just standing in a crowd with a group of friends. My personal experience that I have learned hanging out with the wrong crowd is doing things that I know that I was taught not to do but doing it anyways to