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Mr. Aldunate CLN 4U1 Name: Beth Hidalgo

Paragraph One: Introduction
Introductory Statement: A Gang is a group of individuals who consort together to engage in unlawful activity. Over the years gangs have become increasingly a bigger social issue.

Thesis (Central argument with main points: As a result, by targeting educational facilities and homes, facilitating more programs and enforcing stricter sentences gangs can be targeted and controlled since its early stages.

I. First Main point: The number of young offenders has been on the increase for the last decade. Thus, by educating children from a young age in schools and targeting negative family environments, one can start at the root of the problem before it begins to spread.

A. Supporting sentence: Family counseling is a method that can be used to target any children that may be inclined to join a gang.

Evidence (facts, statistics, quoted authorities, details, reasons, and examples: Gangs 101: Understanding the Culture of Gangs and Violence by the program Esperanza, states that “this type of counseling applies the social control of family members to facilitate individual change in beliefs and behaviors.” Furthermore, by centering the attention on the more susceptible member of the family, this program can eliminate the problem in a private and family oriented way. The document also states that many different things can be achieved at the same time, for example: primary problems in family functioning are delineated, “scapegoating” is neutralized., guilt and blame decrease, empathy for differences increases., family myths and non-functional rules are challenged, and new agreements for living together can be formed.

B. Supporting sentence: Parents play an extremely important role in the prevention of gangs, thus, their presence and guidance can help prevent their children from joining gangs without knowing the consequences.

Evidence: The document Gang Awareness by the Winnipeg Police Department explains that “children need their parents and guardians to be involved in their growth and development”. Moreover it declares that as parents in order to prevent gangs from evolving and spreading one most; spend time with, and give attention to their children because children need to know they are loved. Being a role model and setting the example as well as knowing what your children are doing and who their friends are can make a huge difference. Communication and encouragement to approach the parent to discuss any topic or problem without fear of condemnation is a step all guardians should follow. Although many of these guidelines show the level of importance that parents have, when it comes to reality most young gang members join because their family environments are not meeting these guidelines. The impact of Parents on Gangs, an article written by Stephen Maughan states that “According to Healthy Children, joining a gang can be an attractive option for children whose parents do not show them love or affection, and Mike Carlie, PhD., author of "Into the Abyss: A Personal Journey into the World of Street Gangs," says that gangs help vulnerable children to feel safe and accepted. Children may also be gang members if they come from dysfunctional families or if their parents are abusive. These children may turn to a gang to provide them with the love and security missing from their own parents”. A Canadian Police Survey on Youth Gangs informed that Canada has 434 youth gangs with roughly 7,000 members nationally. Considering that parents and over all the environments in which children are raised is one of the leading reasons as to why youth join gangs, it should be said that a proper relationship and home would eliminate the need to join gangs in search of acceptance or love.

C. Supporting sentence: Social factors and more importantly, schools are the main sources of information for children as they