Significant Episode in My Life Essay

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Significant Episode in My Life
Finishing primary school was one of the hardest yet most exciting things that I had ever done. Just the thought of me having to leave people I had known for five years was depressing. But the idea of growing up and going to high school made the feelings a bit more even. Only up to one o’clock, on the last day, did I start to dawn on me that it was really happening in just less than two hours. I remember crying on and off for the next two hours. Eventually when we were called down to the graduation ceremony like thing and everyone was crying except for those few people that had no souls (and would never be caught crying in public because that’s too embarrassing obviously). As the principle started calling out names everyone took deep breaths and tried to at least look normal for tall the parents taking photos. When my name was called I did the same.
The next five minutes was me trying to not break my back under all the little kids arms but eventually was relieved when I got up to the taller kids (easing the pain in my back). Being such a small school everyone knew each other and it was really nice seeing most people congratulating us and saying they would miss us. It was very strange thought that all this would be gone and we would no longer be at the top of the school with everyone knowing us, six weeks later we would be at the bottom of the food chain just like Kindy, but everyone likes Kindies and no-one likes year seven’s.
When everyone’s