Comparing 'Go Back To Where You Came From And'

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Confronting discoveries can alter an individual’s sense of self and of the surrounding world. In both the docudrama “Go Back to Where You Came From” by Ivan O’Mahoney and the short story “Big World” by Tim Winton, the main characters undergo discoveries, which provoke a change in their views and perception of themselves, as a result of their respective journeys. Within GBTWYCF, three participants in particular experience the life of a refugee and, through personal connections and experiences of new worlds and cultures, discover a new understanding of the world that challenges their beliefs and assumptions. “Big World” follows a protagonist’s journey across Australia after completing school, through which he discovers aspects of himself that challenge his views. Through the analysis of the protagonist’s changing perceptions of themselves and the world, the provocative and challenging nature of discovery …show more content…
Ivan O’Mahoney explores this in the docudrama “Go Back to Where You Came From”, as does Tim Winton in his short story “Big World.” In GBTWYCF, the experiences of Raye, Raquel and Adam in the traditions of different cultures lead to an altered perspective of both themselves and the world around them. This is presented through careful planning and documentary film techniques, which aid in influencing the opinions of the audience in response to the discoveries of the participants. In “Big World”, the protagonist undergoes a literal journey across Australia and a personal journey in his values and attitudes toward the world. His journey with his best friend combined with his newfound independence leads him to question his goals and undergo an emotional transformation as the result of his discoveries. Therefore, simultaneous analysis of the two texts clearly presents the transformative nature of discovery in terms of individual’s sense of self and perception of the