Similarities Between John Locke And Thomas Jefferson

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RELIGION & POLITICS In the 1700s the start of the thirteen newly formed colonies which later would be called the United States of America would gain their independence from Great Britain. The people in Great Britain set out to find land that they could acquire more resources, some people left Great Britain because of religious persecution, some left to avoid paying tithes to the church. They soon started to have issues with Great Britain concerning taxation. As the colonies were formed Part of the release included having freedom of rights, liberty, and life. Other people who were affected by governmental decisions also feared religious persecution and escaped to the thirteen colonies but they brought their ideology with them. At that time the …show more content…
A committee of five men was chosen. Thomas Jefferson became the third president of the United States. His strong beliefs in individuals rights were the motivating factor behind the newly formed United States breaking away from Great Britain. He was one of the five men and he was chosen to write the draft of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson was very articulate. He was greatly influenced by John Locke who was an English philosopher who had humanist ideas and he also believed in conscious thinking whether it was spiritual or material. When Thomas Jefferson started writing the Declaration of Independence he started it off with “We the People”, making no reference to God. Part of the purpose of the United States Declaration of Independence was to set up the government’s role in religious affairs and the Declaration of Independence was to have no mention of any religious influence. Jefferson also felt that the government should be limited in its involvement with the people and their religion, that there should be no mentioned of religion about any governmental decision and no government influence where the people’s religion is