Similarities Between Siren Song And The Odyssey

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In both The Odyssey and “Siren Song” the subject of the mythological creature, the Sirens, is discussed, but as Homer describes a sailor’s attempt to evade the Sirens’ trap, Margret Atwood depicts a Siren’s attempt to seduce a sailor. These authors do so through use of point of view, diction, and tone. In The Odyssey, Homer uses the point of view of a sailor – Odysseus – to describe the events that transpire. This leads to the creation of a sense of urgency to show the great need of Odysseus to quickly escape the tempting song of the Sirens. Words such as “…speeding…worked…churned…racing” all create a sense of the action the men need to take to beat the Sirens. The heightened diction used stresses the action taken by the men to conquer