Single Motherhood Analysis

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Marriage is a critical issue in today’s society. The divorce rate is high and many children only have single parent. However, in the tradition view, an intact family should make up by a mother and a father. If a woman get divorce or abortion, she will be viewed as disgrace. In the article written by Pollitt, she thinks that single motherhood has both good sides and bad sides. In my opinion, single motherhood is not good a phenomenon.

First of all, mother in single motherhood is actually more tired than a married woman. As Pollitt writes in the article it is true that a married woman should take care of both children and her husband at home. For example, they have to cook for them and wash clothes for them. A single mother only need to take care her child. However, married women can get support from their husbands. From the economic side, a single mother has to support the whole family by herself. She has to earn enough money to let her child live a better life. If a woman has a high salary job, the work must be very fatigued. For example, a white collar worker has to do her job eight hours a day. After her job she has to come back home and take care of her child. If a woman can get enough economic sources from her husband, she even don’t need to go to work. Her job is to manage the home. Doing one thing is usually easier than doing two things.
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It is lucky for women to marry with true love, but it is difficult to find the right person in the millions of people. People don’t know how that person looks like, where that person lives, how old that person is. It is so difficult for women to find the right one by themselves. It is more difficult for a woman who has a child with her to find the true love. She will put much attention on her children and at the same time cares herself less. Children for single mothers are like a burden for them to find the true