Skills That Are Important To Me

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The list of skills that are most important to me is as follows.
1. Setting priorities
2. Reading comprehension
3. Proper etiquette
4. Stress management
5. Communication
6. Time management
7. Financial management
8. Research skills
9. Understanding technology
10. Math

My top five ranking skills can and will help me in the classroom environment by practicing them accordingly. By setting priorities I must for understand what I must do, what I should do and what would be nice to do. If I cannot read or comprehend what I am reading how can advance? Proper etiquette is always appreciated and should be practiced by all. Managing my stress level is not only important for the classroom environment but in my everyday life to keep me focused and alert. Communication, without proper communication it could be hard to understand one another. Personally I feel that recognizing the important skills and the expectation of my professor and prioritize these activities should help me advance in and out of the classroom. The problem I have is following the goals I set although I know it is for the better of me. I find it hard to discipline myself and really could use so guidance in organizing and sticking to my goals.

The consequences of not mastering these top five skills are failing grades, if I am not prioritizing essential activities or class assignments I am sure to receive failing grades. I must comprehend what I read in order to get promoted or advance in class. Proper etiquette is taught to us all early on in life, and if you do not practice it in most cases you are not respected and you rarely have anyone that wants a whole lot to do with you. Everyone wants to be treated with respect; and respect when you criticize them with proper etiquette it is all in the way you properly present your words. Stressing has never helped anyone or has ever changed the situation