Sample Resume: Assignment Of Small Business

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|,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|COVER SHEET for SUBMISSION of INDIVIDUAL/GROUP ASSIGNMENTS |
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|[pic] | |
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|Course/Unit Code |Assignment No. |Date Due |
| | | |
|Course/Unit Name |
|Small Business and the Accountant |
|Lecturer’s Name |
| |
|Tutor (or Marker’s) Name |
| |
| |

|Family Name |First Name |Student No. |Contact Telephone No. or Email Address |
|Vang |Thi My Dung |3194586 |0430950820 |
|Zhong |Jing |3225829 |0431452140 |
|Do |Nhu Milan |3254702 |0430696990 |
| | | | |
| | | | |

Declaration and Statement of Authorship:
1. I/we hold a copy of this assignment which can be produced if the original is lost/ damaged.
2. This assignment is my/our original work and no part of it has been copied from any other student’s work or from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made.
3. No part of this assignment has been written for me/us by any other person except where such collaboration has been authorised by the lecturer/teacher concerned.
4. I/we have not previously submitted this work for this or any other course/unit.
5. I/we give permission for this work to be reproduced, communicated, compared and archived for the purpose of detecting plagiarism.
6. I/we give permission for a copy of my/our marked work to be retained by the School for review and comparison, including review by external examiners.

I/we understand that:
7. Plagiarism is the presentation of the work, idea or creation of another person as though it is your own. It is a form of cheating and is a very serious academic