Social Class and Movie Essay

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Barrera, Ignacio

Sociology 1413

November 15th, 2014

Video Analysis 2

While watching the film “In Time” it was not just a movie to watch in class, because of what we have learned in the classroom we are able to not only enjoy the movie but also get a sense into what exactly it’s meaning is. What the movie is about, is just a future society in which the poor and the wealthy are living in different zones, separated like animals basically but something both have in common is the will to live and do what they are able to do with what they have. This coming easier for the rich who just invest and live their lives splendidly while the poor have to scrape down whatever they can to survive, from stealing peoples lives or killing. This movie has a deeper meaning than that though, because of what we learned so far. One thing that came out to me was how segregated the people are and can be similar to how society is seen now. Although we do not have as bad of a system as we had back in the 60’s-70’s in the US we still can find a lot of inequalities anywhere. The one being made in the movie is the rich from the poor and they’re separated by zones, which here it can be social classes. The way to move from the poor to the rich is by giving away minutes of your life, so therefore they’re forced to live in the poor area because ultimately it is set up for them to stay down there and only be able to make ends meat and live off of that. Now with our real world society the way that someone moves up into another social class is by hard work and sacrificing time. What they saw as life was also used as money, the more life you had on your arm the wealthier you really were, therefore when he goes to the rich zone and wins a millenium it’s strange and causes the time keepers to suspect of him, even if he did win them in a poker game but because of the fact he was from the poor they are almost like a boundary to others in so they can’t progress in life, such can be related to how a University is to many, it’s there but doesn’t do any good when the prices are really high to the point some can’t afford it at all. They also do not value the poor the same, whenever a crime is committed in the poor zone it isn’t valued as much just because it’s something that happens everyday in there. When Will takes Sylvia with him to the poor zone in order to get away from the time keepers but since Sylvia is the daughter of a wealthy banker who gives out high interest rates for the poor in order for them to pay and lose them later on because they cannot continue to pay them off.…