Essay on Social-Cultural Analysis

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1. Identifying Information

A. Demographic Information

The client BB is a female, 16 years of age and African American. She is currently not employed and is single, never married. The client currently lives with her mother in a house in a middle class neighborhood.

B. Referral Information

The client was referred by a school social worker after a teacher complained about her behavior in class. The client presented with many behavioral issues, she was very disruptive in class and very disrespectful to teachers as well as her mother at home.

C. Data sources used in writing this assessment

An interview with the school social worker was conducted in order to gather more details about the child. In writing this assessment the clients’ ISP was referenced as a source of information.

1. Presenting Problems

A. Description of the problem and situation for which help is sought, as presented by the client

The client presents with behavioral issues which stem from difficulty with learning. “It’s hard for me to understand what the teacher is talking about so I don’t try anymore, I just wild out and interrupt that class”. The client has trouble with reading, writing and math, and when the teachers go over these topics; this is usually the time when she starts interrupting. She feels as if she is dumb and nobody cares how she feels. The client has only learned how to cope with her issues though disruptive behaviors.

B. People involved in the problem

BB’s mother is involved in the child’s problem as well as the teacher and the social worker. BB’s mother is constantly called at work to be alerted about her daughters’ behavior. This causes her to be stressed and not attentive at work. The teacher and social worker both try to work with BB, but with their busy schedules it makes it hard to give her their undivided attention.

C. Relationships of past experiences to current problems

The problem has not occurred previously, this problem occurred when the work required by the teacher was too challenging for the client.

2. Background History

A. Developmental history from early life until the present

The client developed as a normal child according to the mother and primary physician.BB didn’t have any abnormities in her developmental process. She has always been in good health physically.

B. Family background

The family of origin includes BB’s mother, stepfather, and a younger sister; she was very close with all members of the family. The mother and stepfather divorced and she now lives with just her mother and younger sister. The current members remain close to each other despite the behavior of BB. BB’s mother is very supportive; she does everything in her power to help with the problems that BB is experiencing. BB’s sister try’s to build a relationship with her BB but, she rebels and doesn’t want to be bothered. The communication remains consistent every day, a simple good morning to each other, then they proceed with their day. Frequently BB and her mother talk throughout the day because of her behavior in class. BB and her sister usually communicate through text messages during the day. BB’s mother tries to influence BB to read more often and helps her with assignments that she struggles with. Unlike BB, her sister excels in school and she also tries to help BB. There are no intergenerational factors that influence the client or her behavior.

C. Intimate relationship history

BB has not experienced any intimate relationships, her school problem consume most of her life so she doesn’t really communicate with others outside of school.

D. Educational and/or vocational training

BB is currently pursuing her H.S diploma and although she is having great difficulty she has not given up on her education.

E. Employment History

BB has