Ecological Model

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The theoretical analysis involves three levels namely, social-cultural, social-physiological, and individual. The ecological perspective aims at integrating the levels of theoretical analysis into one theory. The theoretical model consists of three forms of analysis; the overlapping and interacting systems, which allow the development of humans, the interaction between the environment and the organism, and the quality of the environment (In Vine & In Alaggia, 2012).
According to the ecological model, abuse and domestic violence are often as a result of a disagreement between the child and the parent or the family and the community or neighborhood. There is likely to be an increase in the domestic abuse and violence in cases where the actions
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At the individual level of the ecological theory, biological factors and personal history affect the behavior of individuals and increase their chances of ending up as perpetrators or victims of family violence. Some of these factors include suffering under child mistreatment, personality or psychological disorders, abuse of alcohol and drugs, and a tendency of aggressive behavior or having previously experienced violence. The above factors play a major role in how individuals tend to behave in the …show more content…
The ecological model includes medical, justice, educational, and social literature about the prevention of family violence through programs and efforts. Medical professionals, especially those involved in the health care of the family play a major and important role in preventing violence in the family. Some of the competencies and responsibilities that are related to addressing issues related to family violence and prevention of the same include taking note of early symptoms and signs, identifying the present risk factors, assessment of abuse in families.
Also, managing the population by controlling the rates of mortality and morbidity, gaining knowledge and utilizing community and referral resources, and finally encouraging changes that promote a society, which is free from violence. The application of the ecological model is useful in the section of health care centers that focus on patients in order to promote inter-professional interactions, educational initiatives, and efforts based on the population and the community to decrease or prevent the occurrence of family