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Alex Chavez
Letter of Introduction

Hello my name is Alex Chavez, I’m 17 soon to be 18 in May and currently a senior at Carle High School and I plan to graduate this year. I’ve played baseball for 8 years and I am currently one of the captains of the Free running team The Elements. I’d have to say one of my favorite subjects would have to be science because it’s what caught my attention in my early years and it just kind of stuck with me. I’ve never been in a fight or in trouble at school or out of school for that matter. During my time here at Carle I’ve learned that it’s important to do your work and stay focused because with that you can accomplish pretty much anything and tackle even the hardest of projects. I’ve also learned that just staying on track will be better and have a better outcome in the long run instead of just slacking of thinking, “Oh I can make it up later.” One of the biggest struggles during my high school career was getting good grades. Coming here to Carle has allowed me to overcome my struggles and even surpass what I thought I could achieve and have even received better grades. After high school I want pursue my passion for cooking and go into the culinary arts and hopefully one day end up owning a restaurant or even a bakery but either or would be great to me as long as I was doing what I love. If I can't follow my passion into cooking then I’d follow my athletic abilities and go out for college baseball and see where