Social Media During Divorce

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Goal: to post a guide to posting on social media during a divorce
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Title: ?What To Post: Social Media During Your Divorce?

Living in the Digital Age has radically changed how society communicates and interacts. Social media has made privacy a thing of the past, making everything you post or click or share public to the world. This means that everyone can know about all your social milestones, whether it?s graduation or weddings or baby announcements, through social media. But what about the things that aren?t worth celebrating? What about the things that you?d like to be kept private, like divorce?

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, then proceed with caution through social media.
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It?s important to check them regularly since each website is constantly changing their privacy and security settings, so always make sure you are using the most secure settings possible so that the number of people who have access to all your information online is limited. Remember, even if you block or remove your ex-spouse from all your social media accounts, there may always be mutual friends who can still access your information and share it with your ex-spouse, which leads to the next …show more content…
Think twice and then think twice again about what you like, post, and share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Even if what you post seems innocent and harmless, it could be twisted into something that could harm you during litigation and other important divorce and custody court proceedings. For example, a picture you post on Facebook or Instagram of you giving a toast of champagne or sharing a glass of wine with your girlfriends during brunch could seem safe and harmless, but especially in cases of child custody during divorce, your ex-spouse could use those photos against you, claiming that they are evidence of alcoholism that could harm your children and make you unfit for taking care of them. So before you post on social media, always think of the worst-case scenario or how what you post could be twisted by your ex-spouse and their legal team to paint you as a bad person or a bad parent, seriously harming your chances of getting out of the divorce court proceedings