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Social Theorists Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim are all considered to be the “Founding Fathers” of Sociology because they have been the greatest social thinkers and theorists who have paved the way of standards in our societies. From religion to law to why we do the things we do as a majority are all topics that these three theorists have discussed so that we may be able to apply this to the world we live in today. Marx is the one theorist that when I first started to read his theory on capitalism and communism, at first struck me as what is this guy nuts? I think that it was because I was born and raised in America where we live in a democracy and the word communism is seen in such a negative light because we see people like Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler who have taking this way of living to a whole different level. Marx’s way of using communism was a means of seeing everyone on the same playing field so to speak. His idea doesn’t seem to be half bad when you think of it. He believed that people should be able to express their thoughts, creativities, and sociability that have been hindered or destroyed by previous social systems such as feudalism and capitalism. Unfortunately, not many people were fans of his way of thinking and therefore lost his audience. Marx also believed in the labor of value theory which states that all values comes from labor. He says that the proletariat which is the person who wants to work, labors and the capitalist who are the ones who own the means of production are not considered to labor like the proletariat because although the capitalist might invest, plan, manage, and scheme it is not considered labor. Marx’s idea of labor is the production of things out of raw materials provided by nature. In today’s society we can reflect on situations like that of “Occupy Wall Street” where the poor and middle class wage workers which is about 99% of New Yorkers spoke out and protested against that 1% of elite capitalist population because not only are they above us, they are also paying less taxes than what they should. If they were to pay at the correct amount which is what our President was trying to point out, then the deficit of the government wouldn’t be so high. Max Weber came from German background and was highly influenced by his parents. His father was lawyer with high position and his mother was used to an aesthetic way of living as she was a devout Calvinist. Due to his parents separating, it traumatized him and made him analyze life from both a legal perspective and a religious perspective as well. He is known for his grand theory of the increasing rationalization of the West. There are four types of rationality are practical, theoretical, substantive and formal. Practical rationality is what we practice on a day-to-day basis in order to attain our goals. Theoretical rationality is an effort to master reality cognitively through the development of increasingly