Sociological Explanations of Human Behavior Essay

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Compare and contrast the main differences between sociological explanations of human behaviour.
Biologist argued that human behaviour is based on natural,innate response.How ever sociologist argued that our behaviour is shaped by insticts which is innate and programmed. lnstinctive behaviour is more like preprogrammed due to certain enviroment or societies,and they went arguing that human has natural insticnts,for example woman has maternal instict to have children and raise them up.Sociologist still do not agree that behaviour is gorverned by instincts ,they still argued that behaviour is not biologically fixed. ln the video wild child show that children do copy people around them and end up having the same behaviour,and it shows that nurture dominates childrens influence this will showing that a child will automatically adopt to their enviroment.Were by if a child is is isolated early it will have an effect for ever, for example the socilogist on the video tried to keep his child with the chimpanzee and the kid was now adapting to the sounds of the chimpanzee in stead of learning the proper language.
Sociologist argued that human behaviour is learnered ather than instinctive and much of learning which starts at an early stage as seen on the video the girl who was discovered late in her teens it was quiet difficult for her to talk than the one who was discovered at an early stage.
Therefore sociologist argued that biology instincts do not explain our