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Go to an “ethnic” restaurant. Briefly describe the ethnicity of the restaurant and discuss how do you know what ethnicity the restaurant represents. What aspects of the restaurant is actually culturally part of the mainstream culture? Based on the comparison, just how “ethnic” is this restaurant? Recently I went to a very special restaurant, which located in Chinatown, running by Korean but selling Japanese food and named “Yokohoma Sushi”. One restaurant combines three countries in Asia together. The interior of the restaurant was furnished with couples of wooden tables and chairs, three big pictures with a lot of different fish with Japanese named on the wall. There were two people working that day,when we came in , I heard “Irassyaimase” and I know that mean “welcome” in Japanese. The waitress looks like Asian and she gave us a cup of tea and the menu. As we know, Sushi, sashimi or tempura is must in the menu, but one thing in the menu was surprise me that was “Chinatown roll” which combine smoke salmon wrap the rice and shrimp in the middle. I did order it. After we done the lunch, the waitress and me had some conversation. I know she is the owner come form Korea, and just took over this restaurant. I asked why she did not open the Korean restaurant instead of Japanese. She thought Japanese restaurant is more popular than Korean. The United States is the really unit country which combine different ethnic groups together. It’s a multiracial and multiethnic society. Even its multiethnic society, it doesn’t mean blending together. Most ethnic group still wants to keep their traditional culture. Which parts in this restaurant represent the ethnic? The food, such as Sushi, Sashimi and