Sociology and American Dream Essay

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Gatsby sought after the American Dream. Throughout his quest he developed specific strategies to attain his goals. Unfortunately, he failed. Yet does this mean the American dream is dead? Your job is to write a collegiate essay that examines the American dream in a literary analysis. You may do this by focusing on one of the following literary perspectives. With all these perspectives, you need to synthesize at least three works from the research list:
The American Dream: Define the American dream and argue its attainability with direct support from the literary works.
The Feminist perspective of the American Dream: Use three works and develop a thesis that focuses on women’s expected mores in the early to mid 20th century. Develop a thesis that embodies their perspective of the American dream.
The Masculinity Perspective: Develop a thesis that focuses on how the American Dream has shaped Masculinity.
The Cultural Perspective: Develop a thesis that discusses the minority perspective (this can include women, African Americans, minorities, etc) (Use three works)
The Sociology Perspective: develop a thesis focusing on an analysis of the society. This includes : social stratification, social class, social mobility, religion, secularization, law, and deviance. Historical Perspective: Connect your thesis about the American Dream to history (past, modernism , wars, etc)
Philosophical Perspective: By using a certain philosophy based on a known philosopher, analyze the American Dream. Use their philosophy to guide you in the analysis of various characters.

Research List
You must use Fitzgerald’s The Great