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Key terms:
A system legitimates male domination. Nature (naturalism)
Naturally occurring, a part of the natural world. Domestic Ideology
The ideology that legitimates female domesticity. Life cycle
Viewing the family in terms of fairly predictable features from formation to dissolution. Life course
Looking at relationships formed by an individual in the course of their life. Reconstituted family
Families where at least one of the adults has a child from a previous relationship. Single parent family
Families headed by only one parent. Same sex families
Families headed by adults of the same sex. Nuclear family
A family consisting of two generations (parents and children). Extended family
A family consisting of either three generations (vertical extended) or two generations plus other kin such as uncles or cousins (horizontal extended). Essential/non-essential functions
Those tasks which need to be performed by families and those tasks formerly performed by families but now undertaken by other institutions. Isolated nuclear family
A nuclear family that has no ties of dependence and reciprocation beyond itself other than by choice. 'Fit'
The idea that there is some sort of special fit between nuclear families and an industrialized society. Geographic mobility
Movement by people from one physical location to another. Social mobility
Movement by people from one level of the class hierarchy to another. Achieved status
A status that is 'earned' by the person occupying it. Ascribed status
A status that is 'given' for example, daughter. Instrumental role
Concerned with the material needs of the family - associated with the male role. Affective role
Concerned with the emotional and social needs of family members - associated with the female role. Segregated roles
The man and woman have separate and distinct family roles