solar Vehicles Essay

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Kevin Luong
Professor Moore
English 1C
3 November 2013
Birth of Solar-Electric Powered Vehicles
Just as the sea level rises so does the price of gas. With such a high demand for these rich resources, we forget what the greatest source of energy is. The sun’s energy can be a very effective source of fuel for future vehicles. Solar powered vehicles are more effective and more environmentally friendly compared to electric powered vehicles. While electric is very valuable, we have to burn through resources to find it. As consumers move towards electric powered vehicles, the movement towards solar powered vehicles has slowed. However, this is not a sustainable trend. Solar powered vehicles would be much more sustainable in the long term due to their renewable energy source
For the purpose of this essay solar energy will be defined as a source of fuel used by solar powered vehicles. Also solar panels will be referred to as hardware that is used to obtain energy from the sun. Deteriorate or deterioration will be referred to the wear and tear of materials over a period of time. Consumer will be referred to a common person that operates a vehicle.
Supporters of electric cars reason that problem that rises from usage of the solar energy powered vehicle is in certain regions around the world it would be unable or hard to obtain enough solar energy. According to Adam Gromicko, author of “Disadvantages of Solar Energy” from website, “Although solar power is an option almost anywhere on the planet in at least some capacity, efficacy falls sharply as distance from the equator increases” ( . A concern with the increase of distance from the equator makes it harder for specific areas to obtain the suns energy. Supporters who side with electric powered vehicles have concerns about how solar power vehicles panels can deteriorate over time. Gromicko also stated about deterioration “Like anything else left out in the sun, solar panels gradually become damaged by ultraviolet radiation” ( That can cause the panel to not be used at its greatest potential due to the damages caused by the radiation. Opposed to electric vehicles supporters’ response, yes it is true that in order for solar powered vehicles to be effective it needs a good source of solar energy harnessed for it to make it work, even electric vehicles have a hard time getting electric on the go. Electric vehicles are slowly on the raise yet there aren’t many places that have charging stations that is suited or even fastest enough to charge them to get the consumers to their destinations. Even though solar panel deteriorates over time due to the sun emitting ultraviolet radiation it does not mean that it cannot be fixed. Compared to electric powered vehicles their too battery over time also does go bad and needs to be replaced. Most vehicles today come with a package that covers flaws or any sort of defections, but doesn’t mean that it cannot be fixed panels takes decades in order for it to reach that point. However we can reach a compromise between these too modern types of ways to power vehicles. Although electric has…