Son of Satan Essay

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Analysis and interpretation of Charles Bukowski’s short story “Son of Satan”.
Rebellious behavior of today’s youth and vulgar vocabulary in early age can be developed by domestic violence, economic hardship and the loneliness caused by paternal indifference. This short story shows how important a good parenting and upbringing is and to maintain an image in front of your child, because the fact is that you become like your parents.
The short story takes place in America and the reader gets the impression that the event takes place some sort of suburbs a day which seems like a nice hot summer day: “…and it was summer, no school, and we sat on the grass in the sun behind my father’s garage…”(1 line2)
The short story starts in media res
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The father is a good example of the genre Bukowski uses called dirty realism, which is characterized by the belly-side of contemporary life consisting of a deserted husband and a drug addict for instance. This work, as everything Bukowski wrote, allows us to understand a little bit something of his childhood and part of his teen years
The only information you get as reader about the protagonist’s appearance is his shoes: “My parents always bought me cheap shoes”. The language the characters use in conversation gives the reader insight into the character. The boys use a lot of slang, and swearwords, which is also typically for Bukowski: “No, my ass” You’re coming with us. Now, march!” (Page 2.) Additionally you can deduce that there is a lot of dialog, and the language is everyday language with short sentences which makes the language seems simple as an 11-year-old boy.
Through the story you get the impression of a very cold, harsh and unsympathetic boy compared to his age. He is the young leader of the gang, and it is his idea to punish Simpson, the other boys react by obeying the protagonist: “As the judge, my verdict was that this man would hang” So it will be! RELEASE THE PRISONER!”
Despite the violent episode you get pity for the protagonist. And when the gang split up after having hung Simpson he runs back to Simpson: “Listen, you son of a bitch, don’t die. I