Sonny's Blues By James Baldwin

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James Baldwin “Sonny’s Blues
Shanta Carter
South University Online
English 1300
Gabriel Smith, Instructor

The story Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin, explores the theme of suffering experienced by Black Americans as people chained around the ankles by, unemployment, housing problems, the state of being dependent on a drug, state of being locked in a prison, and suicide. The narrator shows the struggle of two brothers separated and caught in the tangled-up connections of time, space and thinking. The narrator is self-reflecting his experiences with different family members such as his mother and his younger brother, Sonny. The narrator was disappointed with Sonny at first due to his interest in becoming a person who makes money from playing music.
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The older brother gave money to Sonny with his dishonest interest in music at first until it's gotten him mad at Sonny and he told his brother "don't do me no favors" (Kennedy & Gioia, 1957). His reflection is extended into the street as he wonders what most of the young could be done secretly in the ground. It was a hint of a worsening life and destructed future. It seems that the narrator is a witness to all problems that affected his brother, he tends to not care one way or the other to all of these if not possessing a strong character in meeting the challenges in his community and of his race. In the article; Waiting for You he states “Trying to run away from the shame about and fear of one's roots and experiences is a theme that appears in a lot of Baldwin's work. Baldwin himself ran away” (Dempsey, 2011) "knew he had overcome a great hurdle" (Dempsey,