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My essay will be based on public transport. For my research essay I will try to balance my research so there can be two different points of view.
My first source is an online newspaper title taken from and it was written by Deanna Delamotta. Title of the source is ‘Time to shout out how bad our public transport is’. I think this source is a good source because it contains negative views about public transport and why do people dislike using public transport. In this source information which will be useful towards my course work will be the part when it lists all the bad points about it e.g. people being late to work, and it shows that average person is being delayed 45 minutes. So for my coursework I definitely will use this information to support my essay. I will use the statistics provided by the online newspaper. Information which I think will be not useful will be the part when it talks about northern line being very bad and how annoyed one of the customers was because of the service he received from the conductor, I think this will be not needed in my coursework.
Second source which is entitled ‘ What ticks you off on public transport’ is another newspaper article but taken from another news agent, whole of the article was written by ‘newscomauHQ’ and I think this will help me with my coursework because this article has 11 most annoying things about public transport and why people shouldn’t use it. So for my essay, I will try and include some of the bits, such as the top 5 annoying things, and I could list them and talk about them why they are wrong. This article also has personal quotes from people past experience on public transport. I will try to use personal anecdote from some of the witnesses. Whole of the article seems to be useful only just first few paragraphs will be not useful as they’re not related to my work.
My third source comes from an online website published by American Public Transportation Association (APTA). This source is slightly different from other two because this one has positive things why public transport is very useful today, I like this source because it includes facts and statistics which I could use when doing my coursework, some of the statistics include number of people using public transport throughout a year. In my essay I will use several facts to help and support my balanced argument. From this source I will take information such as the facts about amount of people using public transport every day. This source has been published in 2013, therefore it’s not outdated and it’s reliable. Part which will be not useful in this source will be statistics showing the amount of gasoline consumption and carbon dioxide reduction, I won’t need those information in my coursework.
My source entitled ‘Reasons to Take Public Transportation besides the environment’ is from another online website. It was written by Josh Peterson and Planet Green. This time it’s been taken from a well-known online website ‘ and I