Southwest Airlines: Organizational Commitment and Communication Paper

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Southwest Airlines: Organizational Commitment and Communication Paper
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Southwest Airlines: Organizational Commitment and Communication Paper Southwest Airlines’ strong organizational culture is reflected in its mission as shown in its website: “dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.” Southwest is a company that not only excels in customer service and profitability but also in employee development. Its organizational commitment is not reduce to the organization; it is actually expand it to an ongoing relationship with the employees where they have the opportunity to express their ideas,
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The management has gained the respect, trust and loyalty from their employees. This is because of what they have done not only with words but more important with actions.
Concerning the communication aspect, this plays an important role in the organizational culture of Southwest Airlines and the way the employees perceive that culture. The website Reference for Business (2009) explain how the contend of a message send will be perceive in different way by every individual. Each person gives their own personal meaning to the message received. This also happens due to the experience, the receiver makes sense out of a message based on experience. No one can perceive experiences in the same exact way as another does. Each individual has a unique set of experiences, a unique perceptual "filter," that helps them to understand or interpret messages received. These filters are built over time by each individual person according to their childhood background, and the life experiences. Finally, we can say that the combination of the message received and he experience of the receiver is what makes an interpretation of the message. This is the reason why Southwest management emphasizes in a clear and concrete communication. They know how some messages can be easily misunderstood or twisted on the way. And this is the reason why they keep an open communication to the employees. Allowing questions when the message was not clear, as well as allowing suggestions when the