Southwest: Strategic Management and Platform Strategy Essay

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Analysis: After conducting a SWOT analysis it is clear that the strengths and opportunities that this organization has allows for the company to innovate more and stays in the niche market. The technology that is at the disposal from the technicians is nearly unmatched. Technology keeps the company at the top of the industry against the competitors. The result of advanced technology means the company is able to initialize ideas that other companies can’t. A result of the platform strategy builds brand loyalty with new innovations that keep customers wanting more. With a strong loyalty the CEO, Steve Jobs, can focus more the opportunities that are available for growth. All of these allow for continuous focus on keeping prices higher and allow for more differentiation between other competitors.
Core Competencies:
- Product Development
- Product Design
- Platform Strategy
Conclusion: All these core competencies that the company has gives the company the pride that is needed to stay number one in the industry. These things that establish brand loyalty because the research that goes into development and design show what the customers want. The products work and have technology that the customers want. Other companies have the ability to do this, but this company takes pride in it and does it better than others. This prevents the company from competing on price because the customers realize that the innovations keep Apple on a different level from the competitors. If prices were lower, then the differentiation that separates the company from the competitors wouldn’t have enough income to keep innovation output high. As a result, the more money spent in research and development allows for the platform strategy to work because all of the best parts of previous innovations can come together and be placed in a new device and the customers will continue to explore or buy the new product because of how much the previous products were liked
5. Industry Analysis: (Reference Table…)
The industry is turbulent in terms of competitors. In this industry it is easy for companies to get in and easy to get bought out by the competitors due to the fact that there are so many suppliers that allow for easy entry. Things are also made difficult because money needs to be invested into research and development. This is very costly because a lot of money is needed to stay in a niche market and more to stay ahead of the curve and be the industry leader.
Over the past 10 years the industry is seen flip flopping back and forth with some companies gaining strength and then at the same time other companies losing market share. When this happens, the major players that are at the top of the industry can be in danger of losing that spot because new players can find it easier to take over the failing companies and gain market strength and threaten the leaders. Market share can change because the people that have the power can make it difficult for the big companies to stay at the top of the industry because these companies get to pick and choose who to distribute