Spanish As a First Language in the United States Essay

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Dante Frank Morales
Mr. Janny Martinez
5th December 2012

Spanish will soon cease to be seen as an optional foreign language and become one of the two most widely spoken languages in the United States. The change will not be in the distant future, but will still take at least one or two more generations to achieve this change in perception of the language, according to the study changing US perceptions of the Spanish language by Suzanne Irizarry de Lopez, Member of the Council of the Association of Marketing and communication Hispano.
However, the author ensures that marketing cannot be taken that luxury since every time there are more customers that speak in Spanish. This situation is experienced daily in the United States and its many establishments, who should provide services to customers such as receptionists, salespeople, doctors, professionals or rulers - are unable to communicate with them because, even when many companies invest large sums in advertising in Spanish, they still have not emphasized the need in getting a bilingual staff who are able to communicate well with its clients in Spanish.
If marketing requires a true relationship with the client and there is no effective communication skill in game at all points of contact, the relationship with the Hispanic customer may only approaching divorce sentenced the author. Thus, those who take English as a single language within the scope of the business will not only lose clients, they will lose money and reputation. Or, as a popular adage says, they will be digging their own grave.
With a growing Hispanic population, Spanish has slowly is assorted the United States as American native and typical language. This is seen in the proliferation of bilingual schools in the country. Which adds up to the fact that every time there are more media tv, magazines, newspapers, radio, internet - in Spanish and more than twenty million Americans who speak regularly.